Osuimono ~Clear soup~ with pasta clams

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Today’s recipe is “Osuimono~clear soup~ with Pasta clams”.

“Osuimono” means “Japanese clear soup”.
It is cooked  with soy sauce and salt instead of Miso.

Clams contain a lot of sand.
Brush shells with water  well and put them in salt water over night.


Osuimono ~ Clear soup with Pasta clams



<Ingredients>  for 4 persons

・Pasta clams 2lb
・Kombu dashi 1000cc
・Usukuchi soy sauce  1/2 tsp
・Salt 1 tsp
・Sake 1 tsp
・Chive (option)

― Kombu Water (Kombu dashi) ―
・Kombu 5g  for 500 cc of water
* Put water and kombu in a container. Put in fridge overnight.


<How to cook>

  1. Brush pasta clams and put in salt water over night in fridge.
  2. Rinse clams with clean water.
  3. Put Konbu dashi and sake into a pot.
  4. Add clams and heat.
  5. Remove the scum.
  6. When clams open, reduce heat and add usukuchi soy sauce and salt.
  7. Put chopped chive, or green onion if you like.


Kombu Water ~ Simple Kombu dashi


Dashi is very important in Japanese cuisine.
But it takes time and sometimes you don’t want to make.

I introduce a simple way to make Kombu dashi.

It is very easy.
Put kombu into water and leave  overnight.
That ‘s it!

Use 5 g of kombu for 500 cc of Water.
Try this very simple style Kombu water.


Today’s Sakura





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