Miso-Katsu / Chicken cutlet with Miso-sauce

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Today’s recipe is ” Miso-katsu / Chicken cutlet with Miso-sauce”.

This Miso-sauce style Cutlet is  one of popular food of “Nagoya-meshi”.
They were born in Nagoya area, but they are common another area recently.


Miso-Katsu / Chicken cutlet  with Miso-sauce



・Chicken breast
・Egg 1 unit~
・Panko (breadcrumbs)
・White Pepper

・Oil for deep-fry
・Miso- sauce ※See “Shojin-oden” for details.


<How to make>


  1. Put salt and white pepper on chicken breast.
  2. Put flour on chicken breast.
  3. Beat egg and add water a little bit.
  4. Dump chicken breast into egg liquid (process 3).
  5. Deep fry.
  6. Shred cabbage.
  7. Serve with process4 and 5 with Miso-sauce.


Nagoya-meshi/NO.1 Miso-Katsu restaurant “Yabaton”

What do you eat if you visit Nagoya?
Nagoya area has a lot of special foods their own.
One of the popular food is “Miso-Katsu”.
You can try Miso-katsu bento anywhere in Nagoya.
But why don’t you try just “HOT-HOT” ones?

There are a lot of Miso-Katsu restaurant, but I recommend you to visit “Yabaton”.

“Yabaton” is  the special restaurant of Miso-Katsu.
They have some branches so you can find one easily in shopping malls or department store.
You can eat in and take them out.

You must love it!



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