Shojin Ryori ~ Japanese vegetarian cuisine~ Miso-Oden

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Today’s recipe is ” Shojin Ryori,  Miso-Oden“.

Shojin Ryori” is Japanese vegetarian cuisine.

At this time, we only used Daikon, Shirataki noodle and home-made Atsu-age.
We don’t use any fish cakes or meat in Shojin style.
We used “Konbu-Dashi” instead of “Katsuo-Dashi”.(Bonito-Dashi)

For cooking Oden, you need some prepareing each ingredients.
It takes a time a little bit but if you did, your Oden become much better!

Shirataki noodle made of Konjac.
It is very  low calorie and High fiber.

Try miso-sauce with “Haccho-miso”.
“Haccho-miso” is the one of main ingredient Nagoya areas.
Enjoy its’s dark color and strong soy-beans taste.



Shojin-Ryori ~Japanese vegetarian cuisine~ Miso-Oden




Shirataki noodle 1 Pack
Daikon 25 cm
Atsu-age 2 Large Pieces.
White water (You can get when you wash rice.)
Kombu 5 cm x5 cm
Light color soy sauce 40 cc
Mirin 40 cc
Water 800 cc

― Miso sauce ―

Hatcho miso 4Tbsp
Sugar 4 Tbsp
Sake 2Tbsp



<How to Prepare>

―Prepare Daikon―

1. Slice Daikon 2.5 cm×10 pieces.
2. Remove skin and trim the edges.
3. Simmer Daikon with water or white water.
4. When it become a little bit soft , cool with tap water.
※Don’t  cook too much.

―Prepare Shirataki noodle―
1. Drain packed water and rinse Shirataki noodle with tap water.
2. Boil 3 min.
3. Drain hot water with mesh bowl.

―Prepare Atsu-age―

1. Cut for 2 or 4 pieces.
2. Put Atsu-age on mesh bowl and pour hot water.

― Miso sauce―

1. Add all ingredients to a pan. Heat medium.
2. Stir and mix.
3. When it become glossy, turn off the heat.


<How to cook>

  1. Put  kombu and water in a big pan and medium heat.
  2. Add Usukuchi soy sauce and Mirin.
  3. Add prepared Daikon, Shirataki noodle, and Atsu-age and simmer for a while.
  4. Simmer until Daikon become soft enough.
  5. Serve with Miso sauce.
  6. Add boiled snap peas.(Option)



Shojin Ryori ~Japanese vegetarian cuisine

Shojin Ryori is Japanese buddhist cuisine.
It is served at many temples in Japan.

We introduce Shojin ryori as Japanese style vegetarian cuisine.
We cook Shojin ryori without fish or meat.
Using Kombu-dashi or dried shiitake mushroom dashi add umami.

Shirataki noodle is common world wide.
They are Low Calorie, No Fat, High Fiber, No cholesterol.

You can get Daikon at regular super markets in Montreal.
You can also get Hatcho miso at Korean Japanese food store downtown.

Enjoy this Japanese style vegetarian cuisine.


 Today’s Sakura




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