Broil Canadian Salmon wrap in foil with Miso sauce

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Today’s recipe is “Broil Canadian salon wrap in foil with Miso sauce”.

As you know, Canadian salmon is very good quality.

We use “Sushi-Salmon” every time.
It is said “Ready to eat  as row (sushi)”.
That one is our favorite and we get them at the fish market in West islands.

They are cultivated and never frozen until they arrive store.
That means very fresh and they handle very carefully and keep clean.

Wrap in foil with lots of vegetables, mushrooms and Miso-sauce!
It’s very easy and delicious like small Japanese hot pot.

Adding Miso-sauce that we introduced  in previous post.”Shojin Miso-Oden”


Broil Canadian Salmon wrap in foil with Miso sauce 


・Bean sprouts
・Green onion
・King oyster mushroom or anything you like.
・Miso-sauce ※check details “Shojin Miso-den”.


<How to cook>

  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Cut vegetable and mushrooms one bite size.
  3. Put vegetables and mushrooms on a sheet of foil.
  4. Spread 1 Tbsp of Miso-sauce.
  5. Put a portion of salmon.
  6. Fold and wrap tightly.
  7. Broil in oven for a while.
  8. Serve on a plate. Cut foil and open.



Canadian Organic “Enoki” mushroom

For this recipe, salmon is important, but also vegetables and mushrooms.

Japanese common mushroom is cultivated in Canada.
I found  Canadian Organic “Enoki” mushrooms.

“Enoki” is thin, and tall mushrooms.
They are used in Japanese hot pot like “Sukiyaki” or “Shabu-shabu”.




When I found this, it just arrived so they were very good quality.
But a few days later, some packs still remained on the shelf.

Do you know what happen?
Then it looked not fresh, a little bit brown, and like a strange food.

So I strongly suggest that the company should use same package style as Japanese.
It is vacuumed and keep freshness much longer.

And I try to introduce  how to cook these Japanese mushrooms more!



 Today’s Sakura


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Broil Canadian Salmon wrap in foil with Miso sauce

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