Home made Atsu-age / Deep-fried Tofu

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Today’s recipe is ”Atsu-age / Deep-fried Tofu.”

Only use Tofu and  some oil for deep frying.
Serve with green onion and “Shoga-jouyu”. (grated ginger and soy sauce.)
Try them with your favorite cold beer! Wow!

I cooked with my home made tofu.
Of course you can cook with Tofu you buy.

In that case, I suggest to try  non-GMO “Sunrise Medium Firm”. (Red package.)

Home made Atsu-age / Deep-fried Tofu



・Tofu 1 Block
・Oil for deep fry
・Green onion(optional)
・Grated Ginger
・Soy sauce


  1. Cut Tofu half wide and half thick. Wrap with cooking paper.
  2. Put small wight on wrapped tofu and leave 3-6 hours.
  3. Change wrapping cook-paper sometimes while process 2.
  4. Deep fry (temperature 180° c /350°F) until light browned.
  5. Serve with chopped green onion and grated ginger and Say sauce.


 Atsu-age, grated ginger, soy sauce, and BEER!

Montreal has covered with snow now.
Cool Beer and warm cozy room.
And “Atsu-age”! What a nice combination!

“Shoga-jouyu” – it means “grated  ginger and soy sauce”.
It is the simplest way to eat Tofu but the best way, I think.
It’s no doubt you enjoy having a nice time!

For more help, I  add some information about this recipe.

It is very important to drain water of the Tofu.
If it contains a lot of water, it’s dangerous when you deep-fry.
Leave and drain until you can pick up tofu without dropping water.
It is also important to change cooking paper sometimes.

Another important thing, Don’t deep-fry too much.
It should be too hard to eat.
Check the color changes in light brown, then finish.

Give it a try and  you can feel this Japanese basic taste!



Today’s Sakura




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