Healthy Tofu Hamburg Steak

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Today’s recipe is “Healthy Tofu Hamburg Steak”.

It is not a vegetarian soy-burger which you can find at organic store.
This is made of Tofu, Okara, soy milk and ground beef.

If you can’t get Okara, you can cook without them.
You can also use Japanese Panko and milk instead.

I also introduce  easy-cook Teriyaki-sauce as follows.
Serve with thin stripes of green onion or Daikon-oroshi (grated daikon).
Then, you can enjoy “Wafu” hamburg steak at your home!



Healthy Tofu Hamburg Steak



・Ground beef  600g
・Tofu /soft 1 pack
・Okara 50g (optional)
・Soy milk or milk 100cc
・Onion caramelize 200g
・Egg 2 units
・Salt  2 tsp
・Nutmeg powder

*Teriyaki sauce
・Soy sauce 30 cc
・Mirin 30 cc
・Sake 30 cc
・Dashi or water 60 cc
・sugar 1tsp


  1. Mix Okara and soy milk in a small bowl.
  2. Preheat oven to 500°F.
  3. Add all ingredients of Teriyaki sauce in a pan. Boil off low heat. Keep aside.
  4. Put all ingredients in a large bowl.
  5. Mix well until it becomes paste and the color looks white.
  6. Make a flat disk shape with 100 g each.
  7. Brown hamburg stakes both sides with an  oven safe frying pan.
  8. Put (process 6) into oven 500°F and cook 6 min.
  9. Draw from the oven. Add Teriyaki sauce.(process 3)
  10. Simmer for a while.
  11. Serve hamburg stakes with sauce and  thin stripes of green onion or




Sunrise TOFU /soft


Sunrise Tofu is the one of  the big Tofu distributor in Canada.
Immigrated Chinese family started in Vancouver.
They make many kinds of tofu products.

Especially this “soft” is very good for Japanese cooking.
It is similar to Japanese style Tofu called “Kinugoshi-Tofu”.

They also announce that all of their products are made of  ”non-GMO” ingredients.
If you want to cook Japanese cuisine, try this sunrise tofu/soft.
You can get these Tofu at the regular super market around Montreal.

They are good for not only Tofu-Hamburg steaks but also Miso soup and Tofu salad.(Check previous post!)



Today’s Sakura





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